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My name is Marcel Kukovec.

I am a travel and adventure videographer/photographer

and passionate explorer of

inner and outer worlds.

Born and raised in Slovenia and currently living in Austria. I speak Slovenian, English, Croatian and German.  

Various passions in my life mostly related to traveling, exploration, and adventure lead me to find beauty, experiences and life lessons in the most unpredictable places and ways possible. The journey inspires me to share my stories and encourage other people to explore and live a rich and fun adventurous life, go outdoors but also consider our relationships, with ourselves, nature and universe. All in hope of living in harmony and to secure a future world where both people and nature can thrive together. Parallel I am a huge fan of innovation, technology and sci-fi. Following the white rabbit.

If my lifestyle and these topics interest you, find more on my blog(coming soon).



My professions are photography, videography and creative storytelling, with broad range of skills in different aspects of digital media and content creation, including experiences in marketing. 

My work


My profesional work, projects and cooperations include working together with companies like TourRadar, Blue Tomato, Google, travel companies like Intrepid Travel, G-Adventures, Contiki, World Nomads and various tourism boards and DMOs of Norway, Canada, Thailand, Germany, Portugal, Jordan, Kenya etc.

I have also been producing digital promo content for brands like Burton, Vans, Patagonia, Ortovox, North Face, Fjällräven and many more.

I am always keen to discuss creative ways we can work together.

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Spending most of my free time in nature, paragliding, diving, hiking, riding bike or just getting lost in new places and experiences I love to share the beauty of it on my social channels.

In seek of truth, beauty and knowledge I love to read books, observe different perspectives, keep my mind engaged with playing video or board games and find peace in spiritual books and lessons. A student of life that seeks to connect with everything universe has to offer. 


This is only a tiny bit of who I am today but because the only constant is change, let me share this next thought about expansive learning, as I feel it's a big part of who I am and how I approach life: 

"An expansive learning experience doesn’t just change how we eat, sleep, think, read, create or relate to another, it changes who we are, on a fundamental and visceral level.

Whomever it is, whatever, whenever, however, and wherever it comes, we remain open, aware and receptive of all potential opportunities, teachings and learnings."

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