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What Paragliding teaches you in life

1. You can fly

Who doesn't dream they could fly? Just like with the right skills or equipment you can swim, dive, travel at high speed, now with paraglider you can fly.

2. Focus on the present moment

Your mind is actively engaged with the present moment and focused at the situation and the task at hand. There's so much to take in, enjoy and also to work on, that even though you will think what happened before or where and how you will land after but what really matters is the thermal, tree, ridge or whatever is happening now.

3. Just be

Once you're in the air, the thermals and wind works your way and you're there just for a bit of fun, you can actually just relax and enjoy gliding. Like in life we put so much stress on being pro-active but sometimes what you really need is to just relax and drift. Birds do it, fishes float, even our planet and galaxy, they just float through space. Take a break and enjoy the moment.

4. Make decisions and don't look back

Based on your skills, knowledge, risk taking and fear, ever since the inital take off, where you decide on the wind flags indicator for take off, until you land, it will be a constant decision making in progress, real time. No shying away, locking in your room thinking about it, calculating, can I make it over that hill or not. You decide now and take the consequences. But don't rush, enjoy the proces! It doesn't mean the more you push more you'll learn, cause of course it will happen, you will fail. Fail with bit rough landing and you'll learn for the next time. I don't wanna say it but fail hard cause you pushed yourself too much and then maybe this sport just isn't for you. Don't look for shortcuts, you're here to enjoy the journey and oh what a wonderful journey paragliding is if you're doing it with feeling. 4. You become a problem solver

If there is one thing you really feel you are doing as a beginner in Paragliding it's problem solving. How to stay in the air, will I get across that tree, will the thermal pick me up before x happens, will I reach y? Things are constantly evolving, you make decisions, while external actions happen around you and give you new informations upon which you again resolve and its all just constantly changing and happening around you. Again push hard and you will call for problems. But problems will also come from external sources, isn't that enough? And then until you make your decisions and eventually at some point land, that's what you're doing. You will become an amazin problem solver in paragliding and also a humble one. 5. How beautiful our planet is Usually we wanna travel the world but we don't even know the beauty of our backyard. Paragliding opens a new world. A new perspective and appreciation of life. You feel once again how small we really are and the problems we daily create in our lifes become irrelevant. Enjoy this place we were given, for it's beauty and diversity you forgot about while dreaming to buy that useless thing in online shop that brings no value in your life. All we need is already out there.

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